,, Trzy godzinki dla rodzinki’’

On 11th June in  our school we had an event called ,, Trzy godzinki dla rodzinki’’ (“Three hours for a family).  It started at 3pm and we had a couple of interesting attractions. I saw a little pony and kids really enjoyed riding it. It was so cute! Only a few steps forward there was a huge slide. If we were hungry we could have a cake or cotton candy. There was also something to drink. Quite a big attraction was a lottery where you could win small gadgets  At the end of the day classes 1b and 2b presented a play titled “Beauty and the Beast”. They were performing in English. That was an amazing day.

Patrycja Skotniczna, class 2b

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Trzy godzinki dla rodzinki 2017



Last week students of our school struggled with a difficult task – dictation in English. The text was about Arthur Connan Doyle, the author of detective novels about Sherlock Holmes.


The best of the best:

1 place:     Katarzyna Krzystanek, 3a         Patryk Kowal, 3a

2 place: Szymon Dziwak, 2b

3 place:    Rafał Węglarz, 2b

All participants of the competition deserve congratulations because it isn’t easy to write even in Polish.



On 24th May we began our trip to Kotlina Kłodzka and Czech Republic. We had to wake up very early because the journey was very long and we wanted to go as fast as possible. After a very exhausting journey we finally reached Gold Mine in Złoty Stok. The guide told us how the miners extracted gold and also how the arsenic looks like. We left the mine and then we went to see Szczeliniec in Góry Stołowe. When we arrived we followed our guide and headed to the top of the mountain. At first, I really didn’t like it because my feet started to hurt and also the weather was very cold and windy but then I started to enjoy it. After that, it was finally the time to go to the hotel. Everybody was tired after a long ride but nobody went to sleep early.

Patrycja Skotniczna, 2b


On the second day of our trip, just after breakfast, we went to  Zoo in Dvůr Králové in the Czech Republic. When we entered we had some time to see the zoo. We could see wild and exotic animals like zebras, giraffes, cheetahs, hyenas, gorillas, tigers and many more. Later on we had a ride on the safari where we could see lions, jaguars and pasturing buffalos. Then we had an hour to eat something and we went back to hotel. Everyone enjoyed the whole day spent abroad.

Rafał Węglarz, 2b

On the last day of our journey we went to a chapel of skulls in Czermna. Its  interior was made of authentic human bones. It is the only such a chapel in Poland. It was really interesing experience. Next we visited for a while Pijalnia Wód in Kudowa-Zdrój. There is a source of mineral water. Later we went to Kłodzko to see a historic fortress. At the beginning we walked the remnants of buildings that are on the surface. After that we went down to the underground corridors where we struggled with low ceilings and really dark places. After three days of sightseeing we went home tired but happy.

Katarzyna Hrabia, 2b

Watch the a film which our friends, Rafał and Szymon, made ;-)


On 29th May we celebrated the day of our school. At first we went to the church, where we took part in a mass dedicated to our school. When the mass ended we went back to school where we watched a school performance. The performance was prepared by classes 2B and 2A. It was about life of our school’s patron – the Pope John Paul II.

Eryk Jastrzębski, 2b


Before Easter students of class 2B, that have extended English language classes, sent the letter with wishes to The Duchess of Cambridge. Knowing that the Duchess Kate is a very busy person we didn’t expect  such a quick response but we were positively surprised.

Eryk Jastrzębski


On 8th May students of classes 2b and 1b with Mrs. Pas and Mrs. Kula went on a trip to US Embassy in Krakow. Led by an American student we had a talk about life in America and differences between Polish and American youth. The whole conversation was only in English because        our tutor Emma was from California and she couldn’t speak Polish.          The lecture was very interesting and we learnt quite a lot about American culture.

Rafał Węglarz, 2b


Today, we are celebrating the national holiday because of Constitution of 3rd May. Polish  Constitution was 2nd in the world (after the USA) and 1st in  Europe! It’s a special day for all the Poles!

It was a special day also for us!




On 10th April twenty students with Ms. Kula and Mrs. Paś went on three days trip to Kiczyce. We left Przeginia at about 8 a.m. and we came to H2O center at about 10:30 a.m. First we had some integration games and we did some exercises. We had so much fun, but we also learnt some interesting facts about Ireland and a few new words. Then we had dinner which was delicious. After that there was a Sherlock Holmes Game. Organizers hid 18 cards with names all over the center, which we had to find and arrange in the correct order. It took us 2 hours! We were very hungry after the game so we had a supper. After our free time, at about 8 p.m we had an evening party, we danced to the game “JUST DANCE”. At 10 p.m we were too tired to do anything else so we just went to bed.




We woke up at 8 o’clock. It wasn’t sunny like the day before. We came to the resteurant for English breakfast at 9 o’clock. We had a lot of fried eggs, nutella, becon and cereal with milk. It was very tasty. After breakfast we had music and art classes. The native speakers were friendly and taught us many great games. In one we had to tell your mate ,, pterodactyl”. It wasn’t as easy as it seemed, because we couldn’t show our teeth. The winner won a chocolate from Australia. Later we had 30 minute break and second class about Australia. That was sport part. We were divided into 4 teams and we were jumping like kangaroos for a whole hour. The winning five got bracelets with H2O logo. It’s  an awesome souvenir. Then we had dinner. We had big choice. The most popular were potatoes with fried chicken. Every dish here tasted well. We all got on well and we were talking during meal. At 2:30 we got an awesome challenge. Each group had to make a film about Australia which was about to be watched by all of us on Friday, before departure. Every free moment was used to make a movie. After supper we had classes about The Lord of Thrones. We played games taught  by native speakers. We also watched piece of the first part of LOTR trilogy. We spent a good time. Before bed time, there was a free hour. Almost everyone was making film. Then Ms Kula with Mrs Paś told us to go to bed because it was late. We politely went to sleep.




On the third day of the trip we had classes with Jonathan, who is a native speaker from Texas. We played some games and learnt interesting facts about England. After break we competed in the quiz about English-speaking countries. We could show our knowledge and reflex while we were answering difficult questions. Later we had time to finish our videos or pack up and clean up our rooms. Then we had dinner. Next we watched each other’s videos and Ms Kula and Mrs Paś made a judgment about them. After that, we got certificates for participation and took a photo together. It was very funny and relaxing tour.

Klaudia Kućmierz, Patryk Kowal, Katarzyna Krzystanek


Below you can see the winning video in Australian style shot by Katarzyna Krzystanek, Klaudia Kućmierz, Gabriel Luty and Jakub Syguła:


A video by Dawid Rogóż that will always bring back all the memories from this amazing trip, we hope we will come back there more than once! :D