Euroweek Foundation!

On the 29th and 30th of January our school was visited by volunteers from organization called Euroweek. During they stay they had lessons with students from our school.

Sangam comes from Nepal. In classes with him, apart from speaking in English, we had a lot of fun. First we played puns, then we listened to an interesting presentation about Nepal and finally we were drawing each other but in an unusual way. We hope that Samgan and Tamara will visit us again.

Katarzyna Hrabia, 3b


Tamara, Euroweek’s volunteer, came from Georgia and she had lectures with students mainly about her country. Initially we had to write down our first thoughts from Tamara’s cited issues, and then write a short scenario using those words and act it. It was a lot of fun. Then, Tamara showed us a presentation about her country, its culture, traditions, famous places and food. She even taught us her national dance. Those lectures were really fun and we learnt plenty of interesting facts. We will never forget them.

Rafał Węglarz, 3b

Project 2018.

On 19th January, students from our school with teachers Mrs. Paulina Kula and Mrs. Agnieszka Paś went to Katowice to participate in the II International Education Conference “ Project 2018”. The conference took place in the department of law and administration of Silesian University in Katowice.

The main point of the program were lectures of European educational centers. In the program there were also planned: language workshops, interactive  presentations and meetings with representatives of foreign companies. From all presented schools I liked the most the school named ,, More than English “This school is in the heart of England. It is very well equipped. It has got own church and swimming pool! Representatives ,, More than English “ seem very amiable and heartfelt people. At the end of the conference, we received dozens of prizes : gifts and vouchers. Some students won free language courses. I think, that this conference will forever be in our hearts.

Kinga Mazur


On Friday , we were in Katowice. We went there at about half past seven. Our friends from the primary school from Olkusz went with us. We got to Katowice by bus. The course was called Project. First, we saw the presentation about different activities of this course. Then, Kingswood presented themselves. They showed a short film and they gave us some tasks to do. After that the leader of Oxford showed the presentation, which was very interesting. We had the Quiz about Great Britain. We had to answer some questions and the winner got a prize. Finally, the Royal School was presented. We found out about their rules at school. The student from Royal School study science most often. They also play different instruments and do sports. At the end, the leader of Project summed up the conference and gave us interesting gifts. We liked this trip very much, because we could practice our English and meet new people.

Martyna Klich


We met Thomas from Australia!

On Friday 14 December 2017 classes 2B, 3A and 3B met Thomas from
Australia in our school. It was a good lesson for us because Thomas is
an English native speaker. He talked a lot about Australia, especially
about Perth – city in Western Australia because he is from there. He
told us about his adventures; with snakes and spiders, animals that
can kill you in his country, popular musicians from Australia like
Pendulum or AC/DC, nicknames of people in Australia, slang, culture
and of course about koala bears – the only animal in Australia that
isn’t deadly. We learned a lot about his country. At the end we had to
write a short story using Australian slang – it was funny.
Szymon Dziwak, 3b


On Monday, 9 th October, class 3B and 3A went on a trip to zoo in Wroclaw. Our
travel started at 6 am and took 4 hours each way. At the beginning, after
a quick look around the zoo, we had a short lesson about evolutionary adaptation
of animals to the environment. After that we could see the zoo on our own.
There were lots of uncommon animals like lions or tigers, but the most amazing
were underwater animals, which we could see in unbelievable underground
aquarium. That made us really impressed. The manatees, seals, hippos and
jellyfish were only a few to discover in the zoo. This trip will be in our
memories for a long time.

Rafał Węglarz, 3b

Teacher’s Day!

On Friday, 13th October 2017, there was an academy on the
occasion of the Teacher’ss Day. The teachers were awarded
with „Teachers’ Oscars” in different categories. The teachers
got some gifts from students, too. Not only teachers but also
workers of administration, cooks and everyone who works at
school got beautiful flowers. The students also got their gift
because after the academy the lessons were shortened so
they could go home a bit earlier than usually and enjoy the
beautiful weather.

Eryk Jastrzębski, 3b

New School Year, New Trip!

A few days ago, exactly on October 11th, we were on a trip in
Beskid Żywiecki. First, we went to the science center, where we
had the possibility of washing our hands with liquid nitrogen. It
was really interesing. There were also a lot of puzzles and
curiosities. At the end of the workshop we had to build towers
with straws. The group that had the tallest tower won a small gift.
It wasn't easy because the towers were supposed to keep the
Styrofoam box for 10 seconds. Then we went to the Mount Żar. We
got to the top using a cable railway. At the top we could admire
the beautiful views but we also had to come back quickly because
it was very windy. In conclusion, it was a great trip and we got a
lot of good memories.

Kasia Hrabia, 3b

,, Trzy godzinki dla rodzinki’’

On 11th June in  our school we had an event called ,, Trzy godzinki dla rodzinki’’ (“Three hours for a family).  It started at 3pm and we had a couple of interesting attractions. I saw a little pony and kids really enjoyed riding it. It was so cute! Only a few steps forward there was a huge slide. If we were hungry we could have a cake or cotton candy. There was also something to drink. Quite a big attraction was a lottery where you could win small gadgets  At the end of the day classes 1b and 2b presented a play titled “Beauty and the Beast”. They were performing in English. That was an amazing day.

Patrycja Skotniczna, class 2b

To see all the photos click:

Trzy godzinki dla rodzinki 2017



Last week students of our school struggled with a difficult task – dictation in English. The text was about Arthur Connan Doyle, the author of detective novels about Sherlock Holmes.


The best of the best:

1 place:     Katarzyna Krzystanek, 3a         Patryk Kowal, 3a

2 place: Szymon Dziwak, 2b

3 place:    Rafał Węglarz, 2b

All participants of the competition deserve congratulations because it isn’t easy to write even in Polish.



On 24th May we began our trip to Kotlina Kłodzka and Czech Republic. We had to wake up very early because the journey was very long and we wanted to go as fast as possible. After a very exhausting journey we finally reached Gold Mine in Złoty Stok. The guide told us how the miners extracted gold and also how the arsenic looks like. We left the mine and then we went to see Szczeliniec in Góry Stołowe. When we arrived we followed our guide and headed to the top of the mountain. At first, I really didn’t like it because my feet started to hurt and also the weather was very cold and windy but then I started to enjoy it. After that, it was finally the time to go to the hotel. Everybody was tired after a long ride but nobody went to sleep early.

Patrycja Skotniczna, 2b


On the second day of our trip, just after breakfast, we went to  Zoo in Dvůr Králové in the Czech Republic. When we entered we had some time to see the zoo. We could see wild and exotic animals like zebras, giraffes, cheetahs, hyenas, gorillas, tigers and many more. Later on we had a ride on the safari where we could see lions, jaguars and pasturing buffalos. Then we had an hour to eat something and we went back to hotel. Everyone enjoyed the whole day spent abroad.

Rafał Węglarz, 2b

On the last day of our journey we went to a chapel of skulls in Czermna. Its  interior was made of authentic human bones. It is the only such a chapel in Poland. It was really interesing experience. Next we visited for a while Pijalnia Wód in Kudowa-Zdrój. There is a source of mineral water. Later we went to Kłodzko to see a historic fortress. At the beginning we walked the remnants of buildings that are on the surface. After that we went down to the underground corridors where we struggled with low ceilings and really dark places. After three days of sightseeing we went home tired but happy.

Katarzyna Hrabia, 2b

Watch the a film which our friends, Rafał and Szymon, made ;-)